To preserve the proud legacy of the Purple Heart Medal.

To preserve the proud legacy of the Purple Heart Medal.



Troops, we are entering our busiest time of year with Veterans Appreciation Week (more like a month) celebration with concerts, veterans in the classroom, massing of the colors, veterans tributes and culminating with the parade. 

Due to the changing of the guard and lack of project coordinators, this may be our last year with a Purple Heart trailer.  So come out and be with us during this Veterans Day parade!  Please participate in as many of the activities as you are able to support the Chapter and veterans in general. Without your participation and support, these, like many other events, will go by the wayside.

At the October Department Executive Committee (DEC) in Orlando, we were given a briefing on the status of National from MOPH National Commander Felix Garcia and MOPH National Adjutant Ernie Rivera.  The law suits between the Order and the Foundation have yet to be resolved, but hopefully, soon.  The bulk of the debts incurred by the Order’s previous administration have been resolved, but operating capital is still an issue.  National Headquarters is again processing applications and other required paperwork, albeit with minimal staff and funding. I’ve been assured things will work out, but it’s just going to take time---so time will tell.

The Department is trying some new ideas for fundraising starting with golf tournaments following the DEC meetings.  Again, only time will tell how successful these events will be.  A new Department Judge Advocate Officer was nominated and appointed at the DEC meeting, due to Jim Holland of Chapter 758 Tallahassee stepping down because of family commitments.  The next DEC will be in the West Palm Beach area and details will be forthcoming for those who wish to attend.

We try to keep you apprised through email of what’s coming up so you may make plans to attend.  We also do our best to announce upcoming events at our meetings so that you may mark your calendar accordingly.  We are pretty close to the 30 attendees we need for our Pearl Harbor dinner & holiday social on December 4, 4:30 – 7:30 p.m. at the Southern Woods Country Club, Homosassa.  The Chapter will be welcoming a local business and a trade association, as Purple Heart entities, during the dinner.  Please join us for an excellent meal, camaraderie, and a bunch of laughs at our annual goodies auction following dinner.  The ladies bring their special baked goods and other members offer donations to liven up the evening. It’s not about the money raised although that’s good too; it’s about the fun we have getting people interested and bidding!  The more folks there, the better; and it couldn’t be for a better cause!  Let us know soon so we can reserve you a seat. 

Let’s get ready to form a nominating committee for next year’s Chapter officers. If you are willing to sit on the committee or willing and able to accept a position as an officer, please let myself or the adjutant know.  New ideas, new helpers, new directions are all good things; we just need the folks willing to do it.  You were all leaders of a fashion in your earlier days either in the military or the business/corporate world, so step up to the plate and use some of your expertise, whatever that may be, to take our Chapter forward!!

A special thanks to all who attended the “Patriot Dinner” on October 5 that was the ruse used to get my wife and me to Cornerstone Baptist Church and honor us on our 50th wedding anniversary!  I’m pretty savvy, but we were very surprised to see so many family, friends and Chapter & Unit members in attendance.  You have no idea how honored and surprised we were.  It’s very heartwarming to have so many of you to be able to come and the videos from those who couldn’t just put the icing on the cake!  Thank you again.  It truly was one of the highlights of our lives and we appreciate each and every one of you!!

Our next meeting is November 19 at 1:00 p.m. at the CCBA building on CR 491 in Lecanto.  Please attend and support your Chapter, still the best in Florida.  Find out what’s happening, help guide us in a positive direction, and interact with your fellow Purple Heart vets.  We appreciate your support and if you have anything to add to the agenda please inform the Adjutant by email at 

 “Working for the benefit of all”  

Cdr. “Bud”

Patriots, Associates & Auxiliary Members,

Nov-Dec 2019

Aaron A. Weaver Chapter 776 Military Order of the Purple Heart, P.O. Box 1345, Lecanto, FL 34460-1345

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