To preserve the proud legacy of the Purple Heart Medal.

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Mar-Apr. 2023

Patriots & Associates:

Patriots & Associates, 

Since this time last year, Chapter 776 suffered the loss of Patriots Michael Ujwari, Donald Paddy, Andrew Viola, Richard S. "Bud" Allen and Mark Riden. All were stalwart members of our Chapter and will be greatly missed in our ranks.

The Chapter hosted the Seventeenth Annual Purple Heart Ceremony at the Citrus County Fairgrounds Auditorium, which had aturnout of well over 500 attendees, to include two dozen local elected officials and a contingent of JROTC cadets. CitrusCounty Schools all had awesome displays. Hope to see more Chapter members and their guests at next year’s ceremony.

The Chapter 776 officers for 2023-24 will be installed during the March 21 bimonthly meeting by Past Chapter 776 Commander J.B. Haskins.  

It is important that all elected and appointed 2023-24 Chapter officers attend the meeting to be officially

sworn in.

The next Citrus County Building Alliance (CCBA) Fishing Tournament is April 29 and 30 with the Captain's Meeting Friday evening, April 28. As in past years, Chapter members are invited to participate in the tournament with professional boat captains for free. Chapter members interested in fishing should contact me at 407-579-6190 or 

As age thins our ranks, I urge Chapter members to keep their eyes and ears tuned for new members. Without new blood, our Chapter faces the fate of some other Department of Florida chapters that have slowly faded away. 

Semper Fidelis!

Richard Hunt, Commander

Aaron A. Weaver Chapter 776 Military Order of the Purple Heart, P.O. Box 1345, Lecanto, FL 34460-1345

Tel:  352-637-3265 or 352-382-3847               Email: